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7 Day Breakthrough

Take small steps – Give your body a rest from alcohol for 7 days to learn and become conscious of the health benefits this brings to your body and your mindset. Learn creative ways to change your current adventures with alcohol into meaningful activities that will diminish your desire for drinking.


The Practical Guide to Staying Sober

Immerse yourself - This comprehensive course is structured so that while you could complete all the lessons over five weeks, you will find it simple to work at your own pace and take as long as you need.

You will learn essential strategies and develop your learning into your own plan unique to your circumstances so that you can confidently transition to living a life free of the constraints of alcohol.


My VIP 1:1 90 Day Coaching Program

If you know, deep in your heart, that your best chance to be able to quit drinking alcohol for good is to be connected every week with someone who has already walked that path and is living a happy and productive life with no regrets about that decision made almost 20 years ago, then this is the program for you.

We will look into why you think you can’t quit alcohol – maybe, like a lot of women, it’s because you’ve already had several unsuccessful attempts to stop drinking and “nothing seems to stick”, or perhaps you just can’t envisage what your life will look like when you no longer drink.

My approach is tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of each individual. For 90 days we will work closely together within your weekly live coaching sessions, followed up with an email summarising your personalised action steps for the week ahead.



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