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Why You Should Consider Taking This Program

You might be considering quitting alcohol for good because you’ve decided that your health matters.

Perhaps you’ve had one too many drunken “wake-up” episodes. Or suffered yet another memory loss of the night before (blackout).

Maybe you’ve tried to stop before, but can only last a day or two.

You’re fed up with the mental load of trying to keep your drinking under control.

Whatever your reason, please know that your course leader had been in all those places – and many more – and learned how to fully live life without alcohol.

If you have the right tools, it’s easier 

than you think

If you knew you could plan ahead of a party so that you wouldn’t be tempted to drink alcohol, you’d want to get the good oil on that wouldn’t you?  “Mindset” is not all “Woo-Woo” – you will be stepped through how to implement this vital part of your recovery. 

“But I’m afraid …”

What will my social life be like without alcohol?

What will my friends think – and say – about me when I tell them I’m taking a break from alcohol?

I’ll be so boring that my friends won’t invite me out anymore.

Your Head Tells You It’s Time, But You’re Struggling To Give Yourself Permission To Quit Alcohol Altogether

Are you just a little bit (or a lot…) worried that your “social drinking” is actually not something you do on a “socially acceptable” level (whatever your definition of that is)?

Or perhaps, like thousands of people every day, you wake up with a gnawing feeling that something not too pleasant happened last night in your drinking session, but for the life of you, you just cannot remember what?

Perhaps you even message a friend to ask what happened after you left the pub with your friends. But the friend tells you that’s when she went home and she doesn’t know where you might have gone, or what you might have done. But, she adds that you were quite drunk.

Or perhaps a friend calls you the morning after a big night out to see if you are okay “after that happened”, and you have no memory of what it is that would prompt them to ask this.

After an initial guilt feeling you brush it aside, and get on with starting your day. But it sometimes nags at you and trips your conscience to the point that you say to yourself “that’s it, from now on I am NOT going to drink myself into oblivion”.

Has your drinking been climbing steadily into the dangerous zones and you’re finding it
more and more difficult to cut back?

(You know those stats on “dangerous drinking” don’t you because you’ve seen plenty of variations each time
you’ve Googled “Am I drinking at a risky level”)


Perhaps you’ve experienced high anxiety levels as you’ve prepared to leave the comforts of your own home to attend a special family event that will involve a lot of celebrating over a week. You might have been feeling a little nervous the night before you leave, and somewhat anxious about having to force yourself to limit your alcohol intake every night because the last time you were with these people you had an embarrassingly drunken episode that you desperately hope they have forgotten about (this is one that you actually remember, and wish it hadn’t happened).  

What can you expect from investing in this program?

You will get out of it what you put into it. It’s very hands-on. Like anything, if you do the work the thing will work.

I will be there with you as you progress weekly through all five modules, each comprising 6 lessons together with a variety of worksheets that have been designed to lead you safely through your journey.

You will be in a safe space. There is no social media (Facebook group etc) incorporated into this course. 

The modules are designed in sequence to help you firstly acknowledge your problem and then to learn strategically how to fix it. Lessons such as upping your commitment to quitting;  how to put your support network in place;  discovering all the health benefits of living without alcohol; how much “sharing and caring” will you need, or want; the importance of setting strategies to keep you focused; dealing with major life events that might impact on your sobriety; budgeting – your time and your money.

And the big one – how to prevent a relapse.

Seek Medical Advice:

Depending on how much alcohol you are drinking at this point, it is generally not safe, or advisable, to suddenly stop drinking alcohol without medical supervision as you may suffer withdrawal symptoms that can range from mild to serious. If you know that you are currently drinking at an unsafe level it is strongly recommended that you obtain a clearance from your doctor, or other relevant medical practitioner (such as a psychologist or psychiatrist)
that you are capable of undertaking the Program.