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The Women Living Sober platform is uniquely tailored for women living in Australia and New Zealand and you can have every trust that your alcohol use disorder client will receive the utmost care, genuine empathy, understanding and safe guidance for the journey she is on to quit alcohol.

I have been sober for 19 years and live a full life without any thought of alcohol being part of it. I discovered in the first 2 years of sobriety that there was a whole lot more to be learned about living a life sans alcohol than just putting down the bottle!

My programs focus on empowering women to take charge of their lives, break free from the chains of addiction and embrace a healthier and more fulfilling future for themselves and their families.

Here's what is available to help your clients


For the woman who may just be a little concerned that her drinking is not enhancing her life, the 7 Day Breakthrough is designed to address her concerns and give insights into how life could be if she quit alcohol for one week.

She will also learn some disquieting facts about how having just a couple of glasses of alcohol in one session may be impacting her health and that there are numerous other ways to de-stress at the end of a busy day.

A new lesson with associated worksheet is available at the start of each day – and this program starts on a Thursday in preparation for a weekend of socialising without alcohol.


The structured lessons and worksheets of the five module program The Practical Guide to Staying Sober may be more suited to the individual who likes to work on-line at her own pace and take whatever time is necessary to implement the sobriety strategies she learns from each of the five modules.

These lessons have been prepared from my many experiences of how to overcome the challenges in my first few years of maintaining sobriety.

Life Doesn’t Need to be Boring now that there’s no alcohol involved! There are so many more interesting and challenging opportunities to be taken along this journey to live a happy, productive and well-deserved life without any thoughts of alcohol getting in the way!


This transformative 12-week, extremely personalised 1:1 coaching program is designed to empower women to overcome alcohol addiction and reclaim their lives.

My approach is tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of each individual. I will work closely with each client, providing unwavering support and guidance throughout her journey to sobriety.

For more of an insight into why I started Women Living Sober please watch the recent video interview with Dr Ira van der Steenstraten, President of Queensland Women’s Medical Society.

Disclaimer from QMWS President: “This interview is intended to shine a light on Shona’s process. As I have not participated in any of her programs, I can therefore not speak to its content, nor is this an explicit endorsement of her programs.”.


A concise brochure outlining the services provided by Women Living Sober is available for your practice.

 You may order 10 brochures, complimentary, which will be mailed to you at no charge.  Please email: with your request.